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I am English and retired. I live in Cordoba Province Spain. I spent most of life at sea or in marine related industries

These posts are illustrated and have had music added. One series follows my life from the ages of 0 to 18. Some amusing and historical incidents here, worth reading in my opinion, your opinion might be different. Next I wrote two chapters, on how I came to live in Spain. The next one will be on a round the world voyage I did back in June 1964 – January 1965, which commenced in the UK (Liverpool and Fowey), then it took me to US gulf ports to load cargo. On completion of loading we sailed Australia and Tasmania via the Panama canal and the Pacific. After discharging, onto to the Pacific Islands to load copra, cocoa and vegetable oil for the UK.

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The next chapters will be different, in that they will be individual happenings, The Beira Patrol and farewell to the haversine The bang in the night, The Exocet affair, ‘Cocktail’ Party in Dubai 1962 and possibly others

16 thoughts on “About Me & My Posts

  1. We can shed the light on the fate of your Morvoren of Kernow yacht, as we think this is the one we just acquired in the Republic of Palau. Would love to be able to confirm with you and find out more about its history.


    • It could be. It was registered as a British vessel, let me have your email address for further info and I can send more details and paperwork I may have and interior photos


    • the interior photo in my article should should where or not she is ‘my’ Morvoren, as it is bespoke one off. The hull was GRP, two hulls glued together with a very shallow bilge.


      • The interior was redone as it was picked up after being sunk for a long while in Palau. The guy who did it is no longer on the island, we try to find out how it got here. On your photo the position of the mast pole and openings are the same. Will send some of our photos tomorrow (it is 11 p. m. here now).


  2. Peter, thoroughly enjoyed your tales of your times at sea. I dropped on your site whilst researching my own past that included your father and his colleague Douglas Lucas. I met the 2 when as a callow youth of 17 in 1958 I was starting to learn to fly at Roborough. I flew mainly with Mr Lucas as your father was probably spending time at Dartmouth with the cadets. The RN had a hangar with Tigermoths and the second hangar had the clubs aIrcraft and a RAF Anson. I think Mr Lucas had a disabled wife as he went home for lunch every day. The first words said after the welcome were ” The Tigermoth is the easiest aircraft to fly, but the hardest to fly properly – you will be taught to fly it properly”. And hopefully I did. Your father was a larger than life character, whereas Mr Lucas was more reserved andI wonder if they met at Hullavington.
    Derek Headland

    Hi Derek
    I knew Lucus of course and went up a few times in the Dartmouth Tiger Moths, later replaced with Chipmunks. My father broke one Tiger Moth, engine failed shortly after take off, ended up in the boundary hedge, neither my father or the midshipman were badly damaged. Actually Lucas and my father never really got on, Lucus was far to law abiding for my father tastes. His main job was airport manager, whereas my father was the Chief Flying Instructor, a position he held at Hullavington.

    Seem to remember the Anson, black twin engined thing, was called something else, it was owned by the City of Plymouth.

    CPO Pegler from HMS Thunderer, Manadon was the Flight Mechanic. I hated flying, I found it boring, he tried to get me interested by ‘taking me up’, but to no avail


    • Hi Peter, sorry to be a little late in getting back to you. Yes the 2 were different and the tale of the Tiger on the boundary wall was told to me by the mechanics with the added comment that the first in the scene were from the nearby Roborough Arms and after checking the 2 were intact your father asked for 2 pints!
      Sorry you didn’t take to flying, when I grew up in Kent I wanted to join the Merchant Navy, but when I moved to Cornwall I flipped and wanted to fly. I didn’t continue flying, but still love flying and hope to fly a Tiger later this year.
      Take care and enjoy the warmth of Spain.
      Derek Headland


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